Limited capabilities with your internet provider ?

want to use SMS Notification ?


Abilis Energy eDocument+ takes care of it.


Easy to deploy, Easy to use

The standard packages comes with:

  • 10.000 emails a month, 
  • Email tracking ( has it been delivered, has it been read ? ),
  • Easy to access reports and logs, 
  • World-class email provider hosted in the cloud,
  • 1000 sms a month
Distribute easily and Automate your operations

With higher degree of automation, (w)ISE cloud-based system simplifies your operations and reduces dependency on manpower.
Errors become a thing of the past as it helps you manage critical operations with ease. 

  • The system ensure real-time flow of information between departments
  • Manage both fields and back office operations with a robust cloud ERP Software
  • Ensure improved staff efficiency with the cloud-based system
  • Save a significant amount of man-hours daily