Order Dispatch Applications


Abilis Energy has two dedicated dispatch applications for the three principal areas of operations which work in conjunction with (w)ISE, to allow the user to build and dispatch orders to trucks for delivery.

Abilis Energy's ODIN


The ODIN system is a .NET product with a visually stunning and feature-rich interface. The user can create multi product (i.e. lubricants) orders, oil and propane delivery orders, print those orders, generate reports on orders and dispatch orders to trucks using drag and drop functionality.

The system allows the dispatcher to view trucks available on a daily basis and schedule the un-dispatched calls as required communicating real-time with our mobile delivery system to provide the dispatcher and the drivers with predetermined schedules and real-time updates.

Abilis Energy's Service Dispatch


The Abilis Energy Service Dispatch is a .NET product that can communicate in real-time with our Mobile Service system or function without it. The Service Dispatch dashboard allows the user to view all available technicians and a detailed description of the work order to be dispatched and those already assigned. Technicians and work order status are readily available and can be updated in real-time.


Accounting and Customer Account Management
  • Easy to use interface
  • Create new orders from scratch or base them on previous orders from that customer
  • Expand un-dispatched orders for a view of the products included
  • Dispatch by dragging the order to the truck and dropping it onto the truck
  • Print orders one at a time or by truck, by date
  • Expand or collapse the sections of the dispatch window to allow a clearer picture of the section you are interested in
  • Report on orders by date, customer, region and more