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Report Services


Abilis Energy Business Intelligence provides our clients with expert consultation along with Report Services that boast web-based reports that can be sliced and diced to provide you with the information you require from every angle including transaction-level drilldown capability.

Report Services are available within the Enterprise ERP and there are many dynamic reports that are included in the system and customized reports can be created when required. The reports can be exported to a number of industry supported formats such as: MS Excel, OpenOffice, PDF, MS Word, XML and more.


Reports are important but our professionals offer an equally important tool - assisting you in dissecting the reports provided and outlining what you need to do to continue to improve your daily operations efficiencies and your bottom line.



The Abilis Energy eDocument module allows you to automate and send important documents to your customers such as invoices or statements by different electronic means. Save a lot of manpower and money with eDocument.

Documents management
web portal


Mass emailing/fax
invoices and statements


Customer Portal

As customers become more web-savvy, they expect companies to provide them with easy access to their account information. Abilis Energy helps you exchange this information with your end-customers through a web portal that can be accessible through your website and allows the users to perform different actions and review information. Stay Connected with your clients and offer them services such as:


  • View their account balance and last payment
  • View transaction history reports
  • Make payment online
  • Request a delivery
  • Request a service
  • Access their personal data and notify you of any change
  • Access eDocument: invoices or statements


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Point of Sale

Diversification is the key to continued success. Abilis Energy's Point of Sale (POS) system is designed as a store cash register to track over the counter sales.



  • Cash register
  • Programmable keyboard
  • Make real-time payment
  • Payment processing
  • Scan products for sales
  • Full integration with (w)ISE



The wholesale industry has unique requirements that are addressed with (w)ISE. Below is a small portion of what is offered to our wholesale clients.



  • Exchange and throughput sales
  • Rack and origin pricing
  • Inventory management