Info-Sys Enterprise 


Info-Sys Enterprise

Robust and effective back-office ERP system


The Abilis Energy's ERP system is the most advanced and complete software package designed specifically to address the unique challenges and requirements of the energy delivery industry.

Based on open architecture, (w)ISE goes beyond the standard industry requirements such as accounting and inventory management functions to offer a myriad of user-friendly and innovative features such as customized credit collection, flexible tax and pricing configurations, flexible contract and inventory management for wholesale as well as several supported cardlock and financial package interfaces through web services.

(w)ISE is a fully integrated system designed with the end-user in mind. Familiar navigation tools and extensive electronic help files make learning this innovative system simple.

(w)ISE provides the core back-office functionality which can be combined with other applications such as: “Industry Services”,  “Mobile Delivery” and the Dispatch solutions.


The Flexible Solution


(w)ISE enables you to change or add modules over time. Choose the features you want and we will adapt them to your operational needs. The software’s dynamic architecture is flexible and expandable and allows us to customize the software to your requirements. We can also integrate with 3rd party solutions, allowing you to build the system you need.



Heating Oil


Inventory and Delivery Management

  • Liquids inventory
  • Lubricant Inventory
  • Degree Day and Seasonal K-Factor for usage projections
  • Period accounts and day of the week (Julian) deliveries

Field Services Management

  • Installation job costing
  • Service job templates to reduce data entry
  • Parts inventory management


Customer and Finance


Customer Services

  • Accounts receivables
  • Credit and collection dashboard
  • Invoice and Satement Printing (eDocument)
  • Credit and AutoPay Information
  • Supply and customer price contracts
  • Customer follow-up reminders
  • Pre-buy, cap and fixed pricing by volume and date range


  • Accounts payables
  • General ledger
  • Financial management
  • Interfaces to financing solutions




Inventory and Equipment Management

  • Extensive propane inventory management
  • Asset management for all financed, leased and rented equipment
  • Asset tracking for appliances, tanks, regulators and tank movement
  • Serialized tank and equipment tracking Meter billing
  • Cylinder exchange tracking and inventory

Delivery Management

  • Supports degree day, period accounts and day of the week (Julian) delivery
  • Delivery scheduling for non-heat uses of propane (fireplace, dryer, hot water heaters, pool heat, grills etc.)
  • Gas check information for appliances and tanks
  • Conversion factors for meters and cylinders
  • Transaction and delivery reporting by main tank and individual meter

Tank Monitoring

More reliable than the degree-days to give you the level of product in a tank, since they transmit the exact value to your office, the tank monitors are more popular than ever.

We offer several interfaces with Tank monitoring systems like:



If you have a tank monitoring solution not already interfaced with us, just let us know and we will do the integration for you.


  • Streamline your business process to enhance productivity.

  • Improve your operations with integrated solutions.

  • Optimization of delivery and service call scheduling.

  • Automation of tasks to save time and resources.

  • Centralization of your system to track and organize your business information.


  • Cardlock

  • Terminal automation

  • Credit card processing

  • Electronic file transfers

  • Financial Solutions

  • And more...

Automation - Security

  • Complete User Security

  • PCI standard

  • Expanded e-mail functionality

  • Print automation

  • Advanced query control

  • Batch process automation

Real-Time Banking

We have partnered and integrated Bambora ( head office in Vancouver ), a Payment Gateway some of you are already using.

From the comfort of (w)ISE, within a few clicks :

  • Process your customers Credit Cards pre-authorized payments
  • Process your customers EFT pre-authorized payments
  • Process your adjustments EFT
  • Pay your suppliers

Which bank are you using ? No matter.... You can keep it!