Fuel Oil Delivery

Abilis Energy (Formerly Info-Sys Solutions) has over 20 years experience and well over 1000 users in North America. We continually integrate the latest technology into our software solutions, giving your business a sustainable competitive edge.

Abilis Energy. Operations and Management Solutions.


Back-Office ERP

The Abilis Energy Info-Sys Enterprise ERP is the most advanced and complete software package designed specifically to address the unique challenges and requirements of the energy distribution industry.

Abilis Energy also offers value-added options: business intelligence options that give you more insight on your operational data as well as technical project management solution that allows you to manage and review technical documents and diagrams.

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Applications & Modules

Abilis Energy offers solutions for a wide range of businesses and activities in the petroleum distribution and field services industries. Whether your company is in wholesale fuel distribution, retail heating oil distribution or  HVAC services, Abilis Energy has the right solution for your business.

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Mobility Solutions

Abilis Energy offers mobility solutions that enable real-time communications between your employees in the field and the back-office. Coupled with the order management solution, our mobility solutions allow you to have a complete, real-time control of your operations.


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Industry Services

Abilis Energy also offers value-added services to help you get the most out of our solutions

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