Robust and effective enterprise management system for the fuel delivery industry

Back-Office ERP

Info-Sys EnterpriseThe Abilis Energy's Info-Sys Enterprise ERP system is the most advanced and complete software package designed specifically to address the unique challenges and requirements of the energy delivery industry.

Based on open architecture and SQL Server technology, Info-Sys Enterprise goes beyond the standard industry requirements such as accounting and inventory management functions to offer a myriad of user-friendly and innovative features such as customized credit collection, flexible tax and pricing configurations, flexible contract and inventory management for wholesale as well as several supported cardlock and financial package interfaces through web services.

Info-Sys Enterprise is a fully integrated Windows-based system designed with the end-user in mind. Familiar navigation tools and extensive electronic help files make learning this innovative system simple.

Info-Sys Enterprise provides the core back-office functionality which can be combined with other applications such as: “Industry Services”, “Mobile Service”, “Mobile Delivery” and the Dispatch solutions.


  • Technological Approach

    As a technology company, we are immersed in the world of technology. We focus on adapting new technologies to the Energy Distribution and Service Industries – provided they offer a competitive advantage. We are pragmatic business people and do not believe in technology for technology’s sake.

  • Application Architecture

    Info-Sys Enterprise is built on the latest Microsoft .NET architecture. This ensures that your business data operates in a stable, secure environment that is scalable, so it can grow with your business.

    Info-Sys Enterprise uses the following technologies:

    • Microsoft .Net framework
    • Microsoft SQL Standards
    • Integration with Excel and Word
    • In-depth System Security and System Administration
    • SQL report writing capabilities
  • Security

    We know security is paramount. That is why we put a lot of emphasis on designing security functions that allow you to control which users can access customer files and menu functions.

    Info-Sys Enterprise allows you to:

    • Control access to system menus
    • Hide menus
    • Control what the user can and cannot do
    • Customize audit trails
    • Use secure login & data encryption for Internet access

    With Info-Sys Enterprise, remote offices can have real-time access to the data and functionality of the system. This feature can also be used by the Info-Sys support team to troubleshoot and correct any problems that may arrive – when you grant us access!