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Info-Sys Solutions Becomes "Abilis Energy"

As many of our clients already know, our parent company is Abilis Solutions and has been since 2005. Abilis Solutions is a well-known operation company, providing custom IT solutions, IT services and niche software to different businesses in a myriad of different software environments. Info-Sys Solutions is owned by Abilis Solutions, but we have always operated as an independent division thereof.

In 2008, Info-Sys Solutions and Abilis solutions moved into the same office space and have been working together since. It makes perfect sense for Info-Sys Solutions be incorporated into the Abilis Solutions family, not only by sharing physical space, common services, but also in name. It is with great pleasure that we announce the new name of our company: Abilis Energy .

Abilis Energy retains the same infrastructure and continues to operate as an independent division of Abilis Solutions, but the message is clear: We are an active and profitable member of the Abilis Solutions family. This change over begins today and over the next few weeks our web site, help documents and applications will be changed to reflect our new company name. We look forward to continuing to provide our clients with the excellence that they have grown to expect from us, as Abilis Energy .

We invite our clients to contact their support representative or Vice President and General Manager Chris Turcotte for any question.