Robust and effective enterprise management system for the propane delivery industry


Info-Sys Enterprise

The Flexible Solution

Info-Sys Enterprise enables you to change or add modules over time. Choose the features you want and we will adapt them to your operational needs.

The software’s dynamic architecture is flexible and expandable and allows us to customize the software to your requirements.

We can also integrate with 3rd party solutions, allowing you to build the system you need.


Main Features

Accounting and Customer Account Management

  • Credit and collection dashboard
  • Accounts receivables and payables
  • General ledger
  • Financial management
  • Supply and customer price contracts
  • Customer follow-up reminders
  • Pre-buy, cap and fixed pricing by volume and date range


Inventory and Equipment Management

  • Extensive propane inventory management
  • Asset management for all financed, leased and rented equipment
  • Asset tracking for appliances, tanks, regulators and tank movement
  • Serialized tank and equipment tracking Meter billing
  • Cylinder exchange tracking and inventory


Delivery Management

  • Supports degree day, period accounts and day of the week (Julian) delivery
  • Delivery scheduling for non-heat uses of propane (fireplace, dryer, hot water heaters, pool heat, grills etc.)
  • Gas check information for appliances and tanks
  • Conversion factors for meters and cylinders
  • Transaction and delivery reporting by main tank and individual meter


Field Services Management

  • Installation job costing
  • Service job templates to reduce data entry
  • Parts inventory management


Technical specifications

  • Complete User Security
  • PCI standard
  • Expanded e-mail functionality
  • Print automation
  • Wireless integration with Mobile Service,Mobile Delivery or 3rd party solutions
  • SQL database technology
  • Advanced query control
  • Batch process automation
  • Server workload balancing