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Abilis Energy Appoints New Director, Delivery and Customer Service
Abilis Energy is pleased to announce that Victor Temchenko is stepping into the role of Director, Delivery and Customer Service at Abilis Energy. Mr. Temchenko has a Bachelor of Engineering degree from Concordia University specializing in me...


Abilis Energy is evolving to better serve its clients
Important Announcement!  Abilis Energy is evolving to better serve its clients.   In this regard, we are pleased to announce the appointment of Stéphane Gauthier as Director of Oper...


Info-Sys Solutions Becomes "Abilis Energy"
As many of our clients already know, our parent company is Abilis Solutions and has been since 2005. Abilis Solutions is a well-known operation company, providing custom IT solutions, IT services and niche software to different businesses in a my...


Info-Sys ODIN is Dispatching Multi-product Orders
Info-Sys ODIN was a major development undertaken in 2011 for our clients who delivery lubricants and other products in multi-product orders. The ODIN system works in conjunction with Info-Sys Enterprise 3.6, to allow the user to build multi-produ...


Info-Sys is now on Facebook and Twitter
Info-Sys is proud to announce that the company now has a Facebook page and a Twitter account.  We look forward to providing our clients, and those companies who are looking for more information on our company, easy access through these two po...