On-board solutions for oil and propane delivery and service

Mobile Delivery

Fuel Delivery Truck Computer Solutions

Abilis Energy Mobile Delivery integrates your delivery operations directly into your back-office, increasing efficiency and data integrity while reducing operating costs.

This on-board truck solution was built in collaboration with both National Energy Equipment and Liquid Controls as business partners. These two renowned companies in the energy industry joined forces with Abilis Energy to design and produce the first turnkey solutions of its kind.

Abilis Energy   Mobile Delivery provides a complete, real-time control over thank inventory, prices, taxes and upcharges while giving the driver up-to-date delivery schedules and customer information.

Mobile Delivery works with any back-office system that supports the LC interface and interfaces seamlessly with Info-Sys Enterprise and Abilis Energy Delivery Dispatch.


Main Features

  • LCR & LC3 fuel truck delivery meters support
  • Multiple compartments support
  • Touch screen versatile
  • Allows to continue delivering even if a peripheral is damaged
  • Seamless integration with Info-Sys Enterprise

Mobile Delivery Benefits

  • Decreases operating costs
  • Improves productivity and efficiency by automating processes
  • Optimizes and controls deliveries
  • Communicates in real-time between the back-office and the truck
  • Simplifies delivery management
  • Streamlines the delivery process
  • Increases data integrity by creating a paperless environment