Get the most out of your business with our value-added services


Abilis Energy provides flexible training options to meet the changing needs of our clients. All training sessions are run by experienced trainers who possess a deep knowledge of the system and the industry.

We offer three different types of training:

1. In-House Training.

The Abilis Energy trainer will travel to your office for individual or group training. These training sessions are normally one-day to a full week in duration. In-House training sessions are personalized to your exact implementation and the client controls the agenda.

2. On-line Training

The Abilis Energy trainer will host web-based training for individual clients on a pre-arranged subject. These training sessions are normally a few hours in duration.

3. Workshops

Abilis Energy will travel to a central location for your Info-Sys region and hold a training session on a pre-arranged subject or subjects. Workshops are attended by multiple companies and offer excellent knowledge gathering and sharing as each participant/trainee brings their own experience and know-how.

All training courses include documentation. Participants of workshop or in-house training sessions receive one hard copy of this documentation. Participants of on-line training receive digital training documentation.