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Customer Implementation

Implementing an Info-Sys Enterprise system takes three months, depending on the complexity of your installation.

  • 1. Kick-off


    We begin with a kick-off meeting which is typically a conference call. We present the implementation plan, with target dates and assigned responsibilities.

  • 2. Business Process Review

    2. Business Process Review

    The next step is the business process review, whereby we examine how your company currently processes payments and manages inventories and deliveries, etc. We use a 200-point questionnaire to help us gather all the information necessary for a successful implementation.

    Estimated Time: 2 weeks

  • 3. Gap Analysis

    3. Gap Analysis

    After that, we perform a gap analysis. We see how your current system is used and identify any customization that may be required to adapt Info-Sys Enterprise to the way you do business. For example, delivery ticket and report formats often vary from customer to customer and require customization, as do electronic file transfer processes.

    We also suggest how you can improve your business processes by using some of the advanced features in Info-Sys. This helps you get the most out of your system.

    Estimated Time: 2 weeks

  • 4. Data Conversion

    4. Data Conversion

    Conversion is the process of moving your business data from its existing computer system to the Info-Sys Enterprise computer systems. We manage this complex process, ensuring that there is no data loss and maintaining access to archived records.

    Estimated Time: 2 weeks

  • 5. Data Validation

    5. Data Validation

    The data validation phase involves a series of tests to verify the accuracy of the data conversion process. Often, several adjustments are required.

    Estimated Time: 1 week

  • 6. Server Validation

    6. Server Validation

    Next, the application server and all the hardware must be validated to ensure that the environment is stable and that all components work correctly together. We run a series of tests and optimize the performance of all the hardware.

    Estimated Time: 1 week

  • 7. Training

    7. Training

    Training on the new system begins. Info-Sys sends you an experienced trainer on-site to train system administrators and users, in two separate groups. Most customers sign-up for ten days of training, plus two days of troubleshooting the new system, once it goes live.

    Initial training focuses on doing the essentials: deliveries, service calls and billing. In our experience, it is best to get users comfortable with the day-to-day mission critical operations, before scheduling advanced training that taps into the deeper functionalities of Info-Sys Enterprise. Therefore, at the end of this first round of training, we collaborate with you to provide a list of advanced topics for future training.

    Estimated Time: 2 weeks

  • 8. Go Live

    8. Go Live

    Once all the above steps have been performed, we go live with your new Info-Sys Enterprise system. The Info-Sys trainer remains on-site for the first two to three days, to troubleshoot the installation and ensure that the transition runs smoothly.

    Estimated Time: 2-3 days.

    Congratulations on your new system! Remember that on-going support is always just a phone call away.