On-board solutions for oil and propane delivery and service

Dispatch Applications

Abilis Energy has three dedicated dispatch applications for the three principal areas of operations. All three applications boast cutting edge programming in .NET with simple and user friendly interfaces:

Abilis Energy Service Dispatch

View the available technicians and a detailed account of the work dispatched to each and the work still to be dispatched.
Service Dispatch communicates real-time with our Mobile Service system or can function without it. Technician and work order status are readily available and can be updated in real-time. Service work orders originate in and are posted in the Enterprise ERP.

Abilis Energy Multi-Product Dispatch

Create multi-product orders (i.e. Lubricants) and dispatch them via the Multi-Product Dispatch application.
The system allows the dispatcher to view trucks available on a daily basis and schedule the un-dispatched calls as required. Once the schedule is completed, the dispatcher then prints the orders for hand-off to the drivers assigned to the trucks.
Multi-product orders are invoiced and posted in the Enterprise ERP.

Abilis Energy Delivery Dispatch

With the ability to see the trucks and their assigned delivery orders, the dispatcher can then use drag and drop functionality to assign and unassign deliveries to the available trucks.
Delivery Dispatch communicates real-time with our Mobile Delivery system to provide the dispatcher and the drivers with predetermined schedules and real-time updates. Deliveries originate in and are invoiced from the Enterprise ERP.


Dispatch Applications Benefits

  • User-friendly scheduling
  • Seamless integration with Info-Sys Enterprise ERP
  • Complete view of field service status
  • Reduction of invoicing data entry
  • Real-time communication with field staff improves efficiency and reduces risks of errors